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Every Month Stephen wil be teaching a four hour Longsword workshop on Saturdays.  
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In addition to his own classes Steaphen will also host instructors from other groups to come in and teach seminars.  He will also post Articles relevant to the study of Western Martial Arts here on the sight.
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Are you looking for a well established school to study martial arts in the European tradition? DEMAS has been in business since 2000 and has worked with many students over the last 10 years. We are a school that studies and works on the fundamental principles of martial arts so that you will be able to understand and use many different styles and weapons.

In addition Davenriche has experience in running and training theatrical fights and is available to assist in these endevours.

Don’t know what to get that special person for Christmas or birthdays? If that special person is interested in history or martial arts or both, than a gift certificate to a month of classes may be the perfect gift for them.
Shopping at Sword Fighting School
People mistakenly associate martial arts exclusively with the Asian fighting arts. Currently, there is a renaissance in the study of historically accurate Western Martial Arts, from medieval fighting manuals. These manuals have revealed a well-established, highly sophisticated European fighting system, employing swords, rapiers, daggers, shields, pole axes, etc.
Unfortunately, theatrical and popular media portrayals have reduced European martial arts to the myth that combatants merely crudely bludgeoned, hacked, and slashed savagely at their opponents. In reality, European martial arts integrate footwork, avoidance, and the ability to use timing and distance to exploit and enhance the sword's inherent cutting and thrusting capabilities. These skills include techniques for grappling, wrestling, kicking, throwing, and disarming of the opponent. European martial arts are distinctly different from modern Olympic fencing and Asian martial arts.  

  Enthusiasts of modern fencing, historical reenactment and role playing games are now starting to focus on historically accurate methods of medieval and renaissance fighting skills. The differences between the English, Italian and Spanish schools of rapier and sword play have been studied at length. How to properly wear your weapon, particularly when in a crowd, and knowing when not to use it, are two of the skills a swordsman must have.

Today in our school we use wooden swords (called wasters), fencing helmets to protect the head and face, and gloves and padded jackets to protect the hands and arms. Safety is a primary concern, so we work very hard on mixing the medieval and renaissance martial arts with the safety concerns of the 21st century.

When you join our school, you will get to study the European tradition of martial arts while you learn how to use different kinds of swords and daggers. And, in the process you may pick up some history, physics, and geometry, and have fun while you are learning these skills. Weapoms

Sword fighting may be right for you if:

The truth about martial arts –

I’ll get hurt in martial arts training: The martial arts are safer than many sports because precautions are taken against injury. As a form of self-defense, the training is designed to help you avoid getting hurt. That’s not to say you won’t get a bruise or risk twisting an ankle and maybe get knocked down. As a beginning student, you aren’t signing up to get kicked in the head. You may not experience any physical contact until you’ve mastered quite a few moves, which should allow you a fighting chance to protect yourself.

It takes years before you can do anything in martial arts: Progress may seem painfully slow at first, but it will come. You should start to develop some skills within the first month, feeling more comfortable and developing a decent understanding of what you will accomplish. You can earn your first rank in three to four months. That said, you can spend your entire life perfecting your forms and training you mind and spirit.

Sword Camp
Do you  want your child to have a unique learning experience over the summer, if so you should look into sending your child to Sword Camp.

School Demonstrations

Are you a teacher, or do you know a teacher that would like to have a demonstration at their school for their class? We have several options available.  Usually if history is only taught as a bunch of dates in a book, it really is pretty boring. What we do when we visit a class is bring history to life and try to engender a desire in the students to want to learn more about history. If they have a chance to hold a sword in their hand or put on a knight’s helmet, then history isn’t just a bunch of dates, it is a real, tangible thing that the students can really touch.

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